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Our History


Vision 2050 Forestry (VTF) was registered as a limited liability company in 1998. It all started back in 1988 when a young man named Frank Kofi Frempong founded a non-government organisation to fulfil his strong aspiration of protecting the depleting forest in his home community at Akwatia in the Eastern Region of Ghana. He organised community durbars and out-reach programmes to get several community groups involved in planting of trees on voluntary basis and protecting the environment against advancing desertification. The message was well received by the community members, especially in the face of aggressive small-scale mining of diamonds and gold in the area at the time. The work of the young man impacted many communities in the area, which also led to the establishment of some private plantations during the period.

Ten years after the non-profit work was launched and having the impact practically felt on the ground, it became obvious that desertification (which remains a threat) and global warming also presented opportunities. In order to harness these opportunities – job creation, wealth creation etc – the young man decided to register a limited liability company in order to attract and involve more professionals and private capital.

Today, Vision 2050 Forestry has not abandoned its founding philanthropic principles and galvanizing communities to lead the change and own the outcome. The company still undertakes several activities in its operational areas as a way of giving back to the communities. It currently operates in 850 communities and more communities are still joining a nationwide plantation network of 300,000 people. The company is dedicated to conscientious stewardship of forestry in all its aspects, sustainable commercial agriculture and climate friendly housing.