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Absentee Plantation Developer Project

Absentee Plantation Developer (ADP) Project


Vision 2050 Forestry has 10,000 acres of plantation land for developing timber tree plantations on behalf of Absentee Plantation Developers (APD), including those not resident in the country or are constrained by time and/or technical know-how to be able to develop the plantation(s) themselves.

While the main objective is to conserve the forests by afforestation plantation development, helps to meet current timber needs as well. This is achieved through the planting of very fast-growing species and thinning out bigger trees over a period of time.

Most investors interested in alternative investment would find this vehicle very attractive as the following scenario highlights:

The price of a cubic meter (m3) of Spanish Cedar (Cedela Odorata) on fob delivery basis at the Tema Port in Ghana is Five Hundred United States dollars (US$500).


  • With the techniques of tree farming, a fast-growing species can produce 2 cubic meters in eight (8) years. This means that a tree can generate Five Hundred United States dollars (US$500) in 8 years. i.e. This also implies that by way of example, a minimum of 222-unit and a maximum 5,000-unit plantation developed on behalf of a client, will rake in US$111,000 and US$2.5 million United States dollars at the end eight (8) years. It is important to note that, with tropical timber becoming scarcer in recent times, the value of plantations will appreciate with increasing prices.
  • VTF offers an extra bonus to the Absentee Plantation Developer at the end of 8th year anniversary as Vision 2050 Forestry undertakes to buy back the Timber Resource, the APD will receive 50% payment for the carbon credits accumulated on the Timber Resource from the 9th year anniversary.