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Safe, Secure, Profitable, Timber Investment


Timber investment is the fastest growing alternative investment compared to the more typical investments in stocks and real estate. This is largely due to a move away from the volatility of traditional investment markets over the past decade in particular towards a more stable, predictable growth market. Timber investment represents one of the few investment assets that predictably grows over time, making timber investment safe, secure and ultimately extremely profitable.


Timber investment suggestions include building short cycle tree nurseries or planting aged tree plantations for clients who wish to earn financial returns as quickly as possible.

Creating a fast-growing hardwood or softwood timber investment would be profitable by harvesting in half the time. Depending on the location of the project and the tree species selected, profits could be generated beginning in year 9. Approximately 50,000 seedlings can be planted on 100 acres. Timber profits can be shared entirely between the investors in the projects. Tree Plantation can be contracted to grow and transplant tree product, procure suitable plantation properties and provide ongoing management of the plantation.


Timber investment clients understand the value and the potential of growing a temperate hardwood and softwood tree plantation. They realize that investing in trees that increase in value year-after-year makes both financial and environmental sense.


Timber Investment SAMPLES

  1. The Canadian Province of Quebec – the Provincial Government has created a CDN$200,000,000 fund to rebuild their hardwood forest industry where 80 percent of its total workforce has been laid off due to the over harvesting of its number one export tree – Yellow Birch. A large portion of the fund is earmarked for large scale replanting of this species and currently the Government’s only option is to purchase 6 to 12-inch seedlings grown by conventional nurseries. Our 20-foot Yellow Birch tree seedlings would give the Province of Quebec and their depleted forest industry a significant head start towards their reforestation plans.


  1. Currently, large areas of the Western United States are experiencing the largest softwood tree kill from a massive infestation of the Mountain Pine Beetle. It has affected an area larger than Ireland with an accumulated loss of trillions of dollars in marketable timber. This is having a devastating impact on the forest industry with lumber mills closing in once thriving forest dependent communities. Introducing hardwoods into these areas could quickly revitalize these communities by creating a viable hardwood industry – the first of its kind in Western North America.


  1. In China, a massive undertaking is underway to stop the encroachment of the deserts. In fact, Western China is turning into a massive dust bowl. Desertification now affects fully one-third of the world’s population — and what’s happening in Western China represents the largest conversion of productive land to desert anywhere in the world, consuming over one million acres of land each year. The Chinese government is scrambling to stop this process with the planting of millions of tree seedlings with multiple tree plantations and it’s not working. The problem is that the seedlings are too small and too young. Just one storm allows the sand to drift over them giving them no chance to get established. In Africa, preparations are underway to create a “green wall” of trees from Mauritania in the west to Djibouti in the east, to protect the semi-arid savannah region of the Sahel from desertification. This is a common occurrence all over the world in regions experiencing aggressive desertification. We can supply millions of trees, which are 5 to 10 times taller than tree seedlings transplanted today. Tall Tree Plantation seedlings are better equipped to withstand the blowing sands of an advancing desert and have much a higher probability of survival as well making them ideal for land reclamation projects.