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Plantations (Development, Thinning-out & Lumbering)


This unit is responsible for developing more plantations in order to achieve set targets with respect to increasing the acreage of forest cover and tree population. This unit is a core pillar in restoring Ghana’s lost forest. Ghana’s forest cover has dwindled from 8.6 million hectares at pre-independence (round about 1950) to about 300, 000 hectares today. This unit forms alliances with government agencies such as EPA and national forestry authorities, as well as private, profit seeking entities to increase the size of forest and plantation cover. This operational area also provides for current wood needs by thinning-out, pruning and lumbering of matured plantations. The unit maintains database of both exotic and indigenous species, plantations/tree numbers. Managers of this unit develop a robust Plantations Resource Manager (out-grower farmers) relationship in various communities across the country. The unit is currently implementing an aggressive campaign to grow more endangered indigenous species to save them from extinction