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Renewable &Clean Resources



(Water resources, Bio-resources & Clean Energy)


This unit leads the sustainability agenda by cleaning, re-using and maintaining our resources. It therefore develops strategy to purify and package low-cost purified water for communities. It also capitalizes on the huge masses of bio-mass generated on the plantations to produce low-cost and eco-friendly fuel and energy. The unit is responsible for producing organic fertilizers for Vision 2050 Forestry and third-party farms. The reason is that unsustainable use of chemicals on third party farms in one way or the other negatively affect our products which are mainly organic. So in order to reduce the spread of these chemicals and their impact, we provide alternatives to all the actors in the agro-forestry sector. The unit also leverages the amount of nectar produced on our plantations by setting up several honey production sub-units to produce natural sweet honey for locals and for export.