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Timber Plantation (Forest Resource

Partnerships with rural Ghanaian forest and farming communities are a key element of our business.

Vision 2050 FBR-PACE signs Planting Empowerment Agreements (PEAgreement) within rural Forest Resource Managers in Ghana to plant and maintain agroforestry projects. We work with FRM in Ghana and its indigenous communities. Each FRM PEAgreement partner receives annual payments on the trees up to 10 years for harvested and non-harvested trees, carbon credits and educational benefits.



We call the smallholders and indigenous communities we lease land from “partners”, because the term indicates how we value these relationships, and the amount of trust that exists between us. Our partners enter into 20-year lease agreements with Planting Empowerment, so they must be confident that we will be good stewards of their land and honor our agreements.

FRM Planting Empowerment Agreement


Upon entering into agreements with local partners, we sign legally binding contracts that guarantee the right to carry out agroforestry on the plantation part of their land. This is a more sustainable model, and as the first of its kind VTF, has been well received by both our partners and government & businesses. Learn more about the positive social and environmental impacts this approach is creating.

Our long term social goal is to empower our Panamanian partners to cultivate and manage their own profitable, sustainable agroforestry projects.

Vision 2050 Forestry has over the years planted 200 million trees in various locations in Ghana through its network of 300,000 plantation managers farmers. The relationship with the farmers is not that of an employer and an employee, but rather an arrangement whereby Vision 2050 Forestry provides inputs and technical advice to a private independent farmer. The plantation manager plants, maintains and protects the plantation against all perils. In return, the manager is supported financially upon request (e.g. ward school fees) and paid a fee for taking care of the plantation. Plantation dimension could be as small as 15 – acre and as large as 500 acres.

The tree population is being increased across the country every year, with the commitment to plant one (1) billion timber trees and one (1) billion moringa trees in the next five years.

With delays in the carbon credit certification process, the quest to plant One (1) billion timber trees in 5 years and constant pressure from Plantation managers on their rightly deserved returns, the company has decided to thin-out some of its trees.  

Timber Plantation Farm Managers  2002   – 2017