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Timber & Revenue Generation

Timber & Revenue Generation

The project will meet the current timber needs by providing wood for fuel, paper and raw material for wood-based industries.

  • The proposed plantation species are Spanish Cedar, Ceiba Petandra, Rosewood, Mahogany, Teak, Cedrela, Wawa, and Odum which are all of high demand for construction and furniture. In the wake of lumber embargoes in countries and increasing desertification in hitherto non-arid countries, the best investment is forest or plantation ownership.
  • The owners of plantations will continue to reap huge returns on investment due to the above factors and increasing atmospheric pollution.
  • A derivative product (carbon credits) which can also be marketed is the carbon dioxide sequestered by the trees. This can be traded as pollutants such as automobile manufacturers and airline operators can offset their pollution levels with this type of carbon.

It is also important to note that, plantation development is a job creation tool. Several young women and men can be employed right from the raising of nurseries through to harvest and processing of the timber.


Newly established Barima Asante Absentee Plantation Developer (APD) Project 2018

(before development pics)  

VTF Cedrela Lumber at Akorabo E/R

An order for Cedrela Odorata


(Real Timber Photos From Our Plantation) Vision 2050 Forestry (VTF) Plantation at 8 years


(Real Timber Photos From Our Site In Ghana)

Timber processing site Teacher Mante area 2018